A few discussions that seem to be occurring a lot lately: the topic of gay marriage, Cait Jenner and transgenders, and the removal of the confederate flag. And every time one of these conversations happens, I can't help but get upset.

In re: to the first two, it seems that many Christians think it's okay to react to gay marriage and transgenders with disgust and negativity. The tone many Christians use when ridiculing those who are gay or transgender makes me cringe. They judge and they hate, and I think that's wrong and I think scripture would agree it's wrong.  Every human being deserves love and grace. God's not withholding these things from those who are gay or those who are transgender. Neither should you or I. I'm not trying to change any Christians' mind on whether gay marriage or changing your body is right or wrong. But you don't have to agree with someone or condone something to show love to another.

And oh boy, the confederate flag. Half of my family lives in the South. My mom was born and raised in a small town in Tennessee. She has claimed that she would probably be stoned for believing (as do I) that the confederate flag should be taken down. We are not the confederacy. The confederacy was 11 southern states who felt threatened by the eradication of slavery. They wanted to preserve slavery. Today, many use the confederate flag as a way to show their southern pride. But the flag doesn't represent "I'm happy to be a Southerner." If you think that's what it means, please do your research. The confederate flag represents a horrible, evil way of thinking that slavery was/is okay. It's incredibly offensive and it doesn't have a place in this day and age.