While Paper Towns--both the film and the book--was not my favorite (although the more I think about it, the more I like it), it was the story I needed right now. It removed some of the guilt that I didn't know I had. Relationships, at least the unhealthy ones, have a way of making you blame yourself for everything, with the incessant need to say, "I'm sorry." For five weeks, I have wanted to apologize for not being able to respond to that voicemail. I've wanted to apologize that I can't be in his life. I've wanted to apologize for not being [insert equivalent/appropriate word or phrase for "precious thing."] But I want to stop apologizing. And accept that I am simply a person. A girl. With cracks like a vessel and strings that have broke. Whose strings, for a moment in time, crossed with his strings. But who can't go back.

Anyway, I wrote a lengthier-than-usual review about the movie/film. Beware of spoilers.