I worried about traveling with my grandparents. Getting the wheelchairs, checking the luggage, going through security, renting the car when we landed. But it worked out and Southwest took good care of us. As did my parents, who showed up in Nashville to help with luggage and getting the rental car and then getting the grandparents and luggage to said rental car.

Tennessee was humid and hot. Trips to the creek and water fights with the nephew were the perfect remedy to that. Mom and I went to Leiper’s Fork and Franklin on Thursday and I spent entirely too much money, but all on dreamy things. We ate at Puckett’s and had the most delicious BBQ. Like always, walking around Franklin made me question why I don't live there. In a beautiful place that feels like the perfect place for me. A beautiful, dreamy place. 

My brother’s wedding was on the last weekend of the trip. I helped mom prepare the rehearsal dinner and decorate. And a downpour came during the rehearsal at the venue. But all went well. The wedding on Saturday was incredibly short, just how I like it. Pictures were taken beforehand. So after the less-than-10-minute ceremony, I hugged family and ate and took pictures and hung out with my family. It must be noted that the food was delicious and the chicken was amazing and fell right off the bone. And there was an ice cream bar. Good stuff. 

My brother and his wife danced to "I Don't Dance" and it was perfect. Overall, it was the most relaxing wedding I've ever attended. I loved it. And my brother looked incredibly happy. I love my brother and I'm thankful he found someone wonderful to share his life with. 

Sunday, the last day of the trip, was spent with family. Dad and I played cards on the front porch in the morning, enjoying the only cool weather day of the trip. And at noon, the grandparents and I left for Nashville. The trip back went well and we were back in Phoenix before I knew it. Back to brown and dust and monsoon season. And away from the place that feels like home.