01. The feeling of accomplishment after hanging up a new kitchen light. It only took three trips to Lowes, a 30-minute phone call conversation with my mom, and a 40-minute Facetime message with both my parents. We've been without a kitchen light for several months because the electrician made it difficult to ever replace the light fixture. But thankfully my dad was able to help from all the way in Tennessee. The new light looks awesome.

02. My former coworker and friend recently starred in the new Macklemore "Downtown" music video. I'd been eager to tell people about it but it had to be kept under wraps until the video was released. I knew he was going to be carrying Macklemore on his shoulders, but I didn't know it would be crazy fun and he'd have a close up. He got to perform at the VMAs too. So rad. Several of us at the office were so proud and a screenshot from the video with his closeup has been hung up in several office cubes.

03. It's a three-day weekend. That in itself makes me incredibly happy. So far it's been full of cold brew, house projects, tobacco scented candles, naps, vinyl records, reading 'Far From the Madding Crowd', watching movies, and hanging out with family.