2016. My goal this year is to get unstuck. Specifically, mentally unstuck. If, at the end of the year, I'm mentally (or physically) in a different place, I'll be proud. So far it seems this may be the year where I'm blunt. The one where I stick up for myself. The one where I give myself pep talks and tell myself to woman up and tell fear to F itself.  If I don't want to be here in 12 months, I have to work for it.

Last year I suspected 2016 was going to be one big question mark. We'll see if my gut was right.

Anyway, I haven't been on The Owl Diary in months and wanted to check in. My trip home for Christmas went by quickly, each day busy with things to do. There was shopping and road tripping and crafting and ice skating and baking and card games and coffee and more shopping and more card games. The warmth and humidity that stayed for half the trip was my least favorite. But anytime spent with my parents is my favorite.

Not a whole lot has changed since I've been back in Arizona. I want to attempt to watch less TV this year. But alas, I've already spent 10 hours over the past week binge watching Making a Murderer. (Along with the rest of America.) And it's all I could talk about last week. (And this week, since I'm randomly bringing it up here.) I could go on and on about it, but I suppose I'll spare you. Let's just say that never has a TV show affected my sleeping patterns so much and made me toss and turn all night. Watch it. 

Peace out, loves.