Twice a week my evenings are spent at my aunt and uncle's. Their dog Cooper greets me with excitement, tail wagging and jumping uncontrollably, as to say that we must leave on a walk. Immediately. So we do. The best walks are when I'm joined by my aunt, cousin, and/or little cousins. This past Wednesday I was joined by Cooper, my cousin, and her two boys.  She pushed her youngest in a stroller and little Beckett (featured in the video) rode his strider. He was proud of balancing with no feet on the ground and kept saying, "Mom watch me!" You can hear her excitement in the video saying, "We're going to have to show daddy!" I love moments like these and I couldn't be more grateful for my family. My two cousins have four sweet boys and they've been little angels in my life. They helped me get through so many dark days, making me smile and giggle on days where I didn't think I could. I've learned how much I truly desire to be mom. Until then, I'll continue to be thankful for these little ones who bring me so much joy.