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01.  Last night the bestie and I went to the Ellie Goulding concert. I loved it and her music is all I've been jamming to today. Wireless headphones + volume turned up to "Scream it Out" + dancing around the house. Happy Sunday.

02. Later this year I'll be seeing a band that's been on my "must-see-live" list for the past several years. It's a band I swore I would see if they ever come to AZ. This year it's happening. Coldplay. In August. Heck yes. Yellow + The Scientist + A Sky Full of Stars + Paradise + Fix You. *insert Taylor Swift dance moves*

03. Then in October I'll be seeing The Lumineers. This past week I have been obsessed with their latest album. Top three faves: Ophelia + Cleopatra + Gale Song. It's a good year for concert going.