• I tried yoga at home and realized I'm the least flexible person on the planet, but will continue in the hopes of getting better.
  • I sprained my left ankle for the third or fourth time in my life. My cousin and I were in a restaurant on Wednesday. When we got up to leave, I thought, "My foot's asleep." But decided to attempt to walk anyway. My foot gave out and I fell on the floor. It wasn't as embarrassing as it was painful. Think it looks swollen? It's still healing and bruised. This all happened six weeks after I fell down the stairs.
  • I had a disagreement with a family member who has no issue with the way Trump speaks to/about women. Which made me (again) take the time to appreciate how lucky I am to have been raised in a household with a strong woman (one who didn't want to say "to obey" in her wedding vows) and a man who supports and loves her strength. 
  • I read this eBook, am on the HTML Javascript chapter of this HTML tutorial, purchased this book because I'm clueless about Javascript at this point, and have decided to follow this curriculum (scroll to end of article). For the past several years, I have told myself to get serious about coding. Finally my mind is in a healthy place and wants to get serious about my future. 
  • On that note, I've realized that there's no reason I can't do or be anything I want. It's all a matter of putting in the time. All these people out there who I admire simply worked their ass off and they pour themselves into their work and passion. It's about time I do the same because the only one stopping me is me.
  • My roommate/cousin made each of us a mojito a few times this week and my goodness those are good. Speaking of drinks that are bad for you, I also had the James Dean Rebel from Dutch Bros this week and it's amazing--energy drink + strawberry + coconut + peach.
  • I rented Ex Machina and I highly recommend it. Excellent storyline. Fantastic cast. Domhnall Gleeson (The Revenant, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Brooklyn), Oscar Isaac (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), and Alicia Vikander (The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Danish Girl) had a big year in 2015. Oh and speaking of movies, I saw Zootopia on Friday and enjoyed it.
  • I've snapped about a bajillion pictures of flowers this week. I love spring when the days become longer and the world becomes a little more colorful. It's the perfect time to take note of nature's color palettes and use them to inspire your designs.
  • I've taken the time to relax in the hammock and it's been glorious.