I feel like Spotify gets me. Like really gets me. Because each week my Discover Weekly playlist delivers me awesome new music that I haven't yet "discovered." & I love it so much that I created a second playlist where I can save all my faves and revisit them whenever I want. It's my "Discover Weekly Faves" and it's almost all I listen to. Have a listen?


Cheap Hotel - Leon Else
Build it Better - Aron Wright
Queen of Coasts - Edwin Raphael
Ava - Famy
Wildfire - Seafret
Bungalow - Scott Heleman
All is Well - Austin Basham
Bow and Arrow - Reuben and the Dark

Communicate - The Dunwells
I Found - Amber Run
Harbour Lights - A Silent Film
Revolution - Catey Shaw
Slow Down - Twiceyoung
Window Pain - Xenia
Beautiful - Ben Rector
Hallucinate - Oliver Riot