On our first full day, dad and I walked to get coffee at the nearest corner store, which just so happened to be about 100 feet from the house. We sat outside the cottage in my favorite spot, drinking our coffee and eating mini donuts. On the agenda for the day was a visit to Fort Pulaski. After, the beach.

Fort Pulaski was built on Cockspur Island during the Civil War. It was blasted by rifle cannons from the shores of Tybee Island, causing the confederacy to surrender. Walls were shattered and you can still see much of the damage. The island was declared a national monument in the 1920s and it was restored sometime in the 30s. The architecture of the place is astounding.

Mom, dad and I walked the outer perimeter before crossing the draw bridge into the fort. There we explored the rooms on the ground level and walked the upper. After, we took one of the hiking trails to the historic north pier. Nearby was a path to the beach where we caught our first siting of thousands of clam shells. On the walk back to the car, mom and I read several of the plaques--my favorite being that about the "waving girl."

Note: If you're ever in the Savannah/Tybee area, Fort Pulaski is worth the visit. Just be sure to watch the 20-minute video prior to walking around the monument. And bring bug spray!

After the trip to the fort, the parents and I stopped at "home", changed into our swimsuits and grabbed our beach bags. The weather was perfect. Mom and I remembered a spot on the beach that was less crowded from our last trip. So we went there and spent three hours hunting for seashells, wading in the ocean, and building turtles out of sand.

Sometime later, after we'd been back home, mom and I walked around the neighborhood. We passed the dreamiest southern beach homes, some of which were 100-year-old renovated Victorian houses. But our favorite was a small purple house nestled on a spot of land between two roads and looked worthy of being featured in Country Living.

Later that night, my brother and sis-in-law arrived. Like us, they wanted to go to the beach first thing. So shortly after sunset, flip-flops in hand, we walked up and down the shore and waded in and out of the water, feeling the beauty and calmness of the beach covered in a beautiful dusk blue.