Dad and I made the plan the night before to wake up at 6 AM. We walked to the beach to watch the sunrise and thought we might find some of the cooler seashells if we woke up early enough. Well, it was high tide and we decided after exploring for three hours that 9 to 10 o'clock was probably the best time to hunt for shells. No matter. That morning was glorious and peaceful.

A handful of people were on the beach. Most were there to walk or take a run. It was windy and the coolest it'd been the whole trip long. I'd only wished I had a cup of coffee and brought my sweater. I admired the sun coming up over the ocean, one of the prettiest sites I'd seen. And the last 30 minutes where we just sat on the rocks and watched the waves kiss the shore.

We walked back to the cottage. Shortly after, we left for breakfast to a spot the bro and sis-in-law wanted to go. The restaurant had a hot plate in the middle of the table where you make your own pancakes, which were pretty darn good. We had fun squirting the mix into different shapes--flowers, smiley faces, and the like.

We went home to pick up the dogs and went back to Fort Pulaski--so the bro and sis-in-law could check out the site. When we got home, some napped. I sat outside. After a while, mom, dad and I took a drive to the store where I bought a Tybee Island tank top. The parents went back after my bro and sis-in-law awoke. I walked to the beach solo, laid out my towel, and sat watching the waves until they joined me later. We stayed at the beach for several hours. Mom, bro and I swam, wadding out until the water was above our hips and getting soaked as the waves crashed against us. I loved it. 

That evening we ordered pizza from Huc-A-Poos, which was excellent. Mom and I went on our last walk around the neighborhood. The roads were lightly lit and the wind pressed the beachy air softly against my skin. Tomorrow we would be leaving and I knew I'd have to say goodbye to this happy place.