Today we decided to head to a different beach--the one by the pier where they'd been filming Baywatch for a little over a month. Unfortunately, the pier was closed. The lady in one of the shops said they'd wrapped filming with the main stars (Efron, The Rock, etc.) a few days prior. Today, they were filming some stunts. Dad and bro watched a motorcycle scene where the stunt driver drove up on the pier while yelling, "Get out of the way!" 

Mom, the sis-in-law, and I walked near the Baywatch tower on the beach. There were several crew members riding four-wheelers, dragging something behind them to smooth out the sand that had been roughed up from filming. Not far from the tower was an obstacle course with ropes, a wall and tall mounds of sand. Few people were on the beach. In the distance, dark clouds were rolling in and the sky poured down on us after about 15 minutes. Flip flops in hand, towels over our head, we walked past the crew scrambling to cover up their equipment and went to the car. On the other end of the island, near our cottage, North Beach wasn't stormy. So we went there instead and spent several hours searching for sea shells near the rocks and digging in the sand.

Later that afternoon we went to Savannah for some shopping and dinner. We stopped at The Paris Market (again), Prospector Co., Savannah Bee Company, and The Coffee Fox. Bro and the sis-in-law ordered Cuban coffee, which came in a tiny cute cup. They let me try a taste, but I couldn't handle its odd sweet + bitter flavor. I ordered an iced Mexican Mocha. Delicious with dark chocolate, habanero, and cinnamon. 

Unlike the previous day, we actually explored some of the squares, including the one where Forrest Gump sat on a bench (note: there's no bench there) and told his story. For dinner, it was The Pirates House where mom and I had visited two years prior and had platefuls of seafood. We left Savannah at sunset and stopped at the store on the way home. That night I took a bath, went to bed early, nestled in bed and watched the digital copy of The Choice. Absolute contentment.