Once again, dad and I woke up to watch the sunrise. This time I wore a sweater, but still no coffee. At 6 AM, we drove the 0.4 miles to the beach and parked near the wooden walkway. Once we reached the sand, we sat on the empty swing to the right. The swing to the left was occupied by three people bundled in sweats and hoodies. Waiting, just like us. About five minutes later a couple arrived. They went close to the shore, sat in the sand, and bundled up next to each another.

At around 6:33 AM, the sun peaked up from the Earth and I can't imagine anything being more peaceful than that oceanfront sunrise. It was beautiful. In silence, we stared out into the vastness of the sea. Freezing cold, we walked to the car at 7 AM.

The next few hours were spent showering, packing, cleaning the house a bit, and signing the guest book. The first entry told the story about the cozy cottage and how the owner's mom had lived out her days there as an artist. Much of its charm and the way its designed is owed to her. I loved reading other entries about the happy times so many people had there.


I loved our few days in that cottage. It felt like home and hopefully I'll make it back there again one day. I'm so, so thankful for the time we had there. It was the first family vacation we had in 14 years, and it was wonderful.