My parents and I departed from their Tennessee home around 8 o'clock and embarked on our road trip to Tybee Island, Georgia. It was an 8-hour drive turned 10-hour due to a serious accident on the freeway near Chattanooga. A tractor trailer transporting kerosene tried to avoid hitting a vehicle, flipped over in a ditch, hit a sign, and caught fire. We saw the smoke in the distance shortly after it happened and heard an explosion. Fortunately, we found out the next day that no one was hurt in the accident--miraculously.

The drive to Georgia also consisted of good tunes, snacks from Sprouts, the alphabet game, selfies, chatting, rain, and admiring the pretty drive. We arrived at our destination sometime between 7 and 8 o'clock. The short drive from Savannah to Tybee brought back memories of when mom and I had visited there two years prior and how much I loved it.

When we arrived at our cozy mermaid cottage, I instantly fell in love with the place that was home for the next 4.5 days. It had a pretty yellow exterior and a funky-colored back porch. A picnic bench where days later we scattered our seashells. A kitchen with some exposed brick and all the essentials need to make a meal. Old windows and vintage furniture. Art and antiques scattered throughout the house. A living room with two comfy couches and pops of yellow and teal--like the yellow lamp and the teal curtains. An antique book collection that consisted of Sears catalogs from the late 1800s. Wood flooring that creaked like old houses should. The shabbiest chic bathroom and guest bedrooms. A staircase tucked away beside the front door, leading up to the attic--where I stayed--with an open floor, two beds, and a long narrow bathroom.

My favorite spot was outside, on the North side of the house. There's a rock patio with five chairs placed in a circle. There's a stop sign right on the corner to see the cars come and go. A picket fence wraps around this section + the front yard. To get to this spot, you can go through a little gate with a neat archway that consists of twirled metal and old blue + purple + green glass and bottles. The yard also has eclectic decor -- an eiffel tower that I think was transformed into a merlin fish, a religious statue leaning up next to the wall, an old birdcage, a pretty metal star and moon, and a big blue ball placed in an armillary sphere.

On our first night we walked the 0.4 miles to the beach, the humid air touching my skin like summer. We passed a party at the community center at the end of our street where people were laughing and talking on the front porch while others played corn hole. We passed several old houses and a cute bed and breakfast with twinkling lights wrapped around a pergola. We took note of how everyone seemed to have a cat, as one could be seen in the front yard of nearly every home we passed. 

When we arrived at the beach, there were only about a dozen people there. You could only see figures due to the darkness as they walked up and down the shore. We sat on one of the beach swings until mom got a phone call from my brother. That's when I walked straight ahead to the water and stood. Listening to the waves pounding the shore, the moon up ahead, eyes closed, deep breathes, a smile across my face. Pure vacation bliss.