Photo credit:  Clementine Daily

Photo credit: Clementine Daily

Just start. Two words I whispered to myself countless times over the past two years. Letting a mixture of the fear of the unknown + depression + procrastination hold me back. Now I find myself regretting wasting so much valuable time to learn and grow. So here I am. Since I returned back from my trip to Tennessee and Georgia, I've rolled up my sleeves and am ready to work. Let me tell you, it's completely terrifying... seeing how there's so many things I don't know and a trillion more things that fall under the category of "I don't know what I don't know."

With one task/step/day at a time, I'm learning. I'm getting better. I'm starting down this path that I think, hope, takes me somewhere new and exciting (and, yes, scary). I've taken on a few freelance projects and my free time has been consumed with less TV (hooray!) and more time glued to my computer--designing, googling, watching tutorial videos, reading and so on. It's exciting and empowering and... did I mention scary? I know I can do this. Once I tackle one thing, I realize that one thing wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be. I'm working on patience, and giving myself permission to fail, to mess up, to not be perfect, to not know it all and do it all.

You'll get where you want to be, hun. I'm proud of you for starting.