This movie had an affect on me. Yes, I know. A rom com impacted me. Don't judge. I rented it last Friday night and was expecting a cookie-cutter romantic comedy. Sure, in many ways it was. BUT it didn't play out the way I expected. It was a genuine surprise.

Spoilers: How to Be Single is about a single woman in her 20s who is learning to live alone and is figuring out who she is. In the end, she decides to be herself, does what she wants, and starts all the things she'd put off doing for so long. She chose to make herself happy instead of relying on someone else. 

The time we have to be single is really the time we have to get good at being alone.
— Alice, How to Be Single

It reminded me that once upon a time I truly enjoyed being single. I knew who I was and I didn't need a man to define me. I did things that I wanted to do. I was happy, mostly. And I didn't worry about when I'd settle down. I lost the part of myself that genuinely enjoyed being alone. Though, I guess that sometimes happens after you end a relationship with the person you thought you'd be with for the rest of your life. Over the past month I've healed more than I have in the last two years combined. And yes, this movie helped by providing the reminder that being single is something that can be, and should be, enjoyable.