After living in Arizona for 27 years, I finally made it to the Grand Canyon. I had family in town this past week and received a text inviting me on their Thursday road trip. I was ecstatic.

Several Arizonians have told me that after you see it once, you've seen enough. But I couldn't disagree more. It was breathtaking, stunning and unlike anything I'd ever seen. We were there for a little over four hours and I felt like it wasn't nearly enough time. We walked around Mather Point near the visitor center. We drove east to make lunch and eat sandwiches at a picnic table in the shade. After, we stopped at Grandview Point where we hiked down a trail a little bit. Last we drove east to the Desert View Watchtower.

I'd love to go back and experience the train ride from Williams or see what it's like in winter or hike to Havasupai Falls or go on a three-to-five day white water rafting trip.