My love of the film Warrior is what made me want to watch this show. Like Warrior, this show is highly underrated and is much more than MMA. It's a show about second chances, love, friendship. With characters who are messy--hardcore messy--but you love them anyway. You have Ryan Wheeler (Matt Lauria, Friday Night Lights) who just got out of five years of prison, lives in a halfway house, and is still in love with his ex-fiance who's now dating the owner (Frank Grillo, Warrior) of the MMA gym. The owner has two sons, Nate (Nick Jonas) and Jay (Jonathan Tucker), and an estranged wife (Joanna Going, House of Cards) who's a prostitute and heroin addict. Nate is an up-and-coming fighter and his brother Jay is an addict who's back into fighting with a heart of a lion and is trying to help his mom get clean. The cast is pretty great, IMO. Watch it. You won't be disappointed. 

Photo Credit: DirectTV