Survivor is a big deal at my aunt's and uncle's. My cousins, their grandpa, and I go to their house every Wednesday during Survivor season to eat dinner and watch the show. I enjoyed this season. I was team no collar from the start, rooting for Joe, Jenn and Hali. I became a fan of Shirin and Mike later in the season. This season there were also some of my least favorite players everโ€”Dan, Rodney and Will. They said terrible things. BUT I am so happy that Mike won! Itโ€™s rare that someone on the bottom wins that many challenges to make it to the final. He would have been voted off had he lost a challenge, but he kept winning--making tribal council completely awesome. And of course, this was the season with Joe, who is just too pretty. He is one of my favorites and who will be returning next season (with my favorite player Spencer!). 

Photo Credit: CBS