Pixar delivered another cute and clever movie. And a lot of reviews are saying it's one of their best yet. But unpopular opinion: I wouldn't put it in my top five favorite Pixar movies. That said, this movie tugged at my emotions and made me bawl. The part with Bing Bong and Joy in the pit, trying to escape on the wagon? That started the tears for me. 

The voice casting was fantastic. Poehler played a beautiful Joy and her energy steals the show. But oh sadness. I loved the message of how we need sadness in our life. It keeps us balanced and allows us to experience deeper joy later down the road. I loved the entire concept, about how things became a part of us and make us the person we are. I left the theater thinking about all the things that have contributed to who I am and thankful that they're a part of me.

I also loved the humor in this film. Dream Productions scenes and the end scene where Riley bumps into a boy and his response is a deer-in-the-headlights stare as the emotions in his head run around screaming as a "Girl!" warning plays over and over.

Overall, I'd say it's Pixar's most clever movie to date. 

Photo Credit: Disney