My roommate/cousin is the BIGGEST Jurassic Park fan.  Needless to say, he’d been counting down the days until premiere night for Jurassic World for the past two years. On Thursday night, he, a co-worker, and I waited in line for the 7 o’clock showing. He dressed as Dr. Alan Grant and received several “nice cosplay” comments and finger points. We got an excellent seat in the Cine Capri. And I was hooked on the movie the moment Chris Pratt showed up on screen. Jurassic World was pure entertainment. I loved and respected the nods to the first movie. I hearted the raptors and the returning T-Rex. That last scene had the audience cheering and clapping. Pure nerdiness and it was fun times. I left the theater wanting to see it again, which we did. On Sunday, I went with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and his grandpa to see it for the second time. Overall, highly entertaining film. And Chris. Freaking. Pratt. He's BA.